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Instagram Reels 2023: How to Go Viral on Top

The hype surrounding viral Instagram Reels is growing by the day, owing to the fact that the Reels algorithm, which was developed to compete with TikTok and now YouTube shorts too, is meant to boost content reach.

This enhances the likelihood of creators’ and companies’ posts going viral far more easily than other post types on the network.

In fact, using Reels, we’ve experienced a five-fold boost in reach on our own Instagram channel.

But does this guarantee you can upload anything and your Instagram Reels will go viral? No, not really. While there is no instant solution for virality, several actions will undoubtedly boost your chances of going viral.

Instagram Reels: How Many Views is Considered Viral?

To be quite honest, there is no simple solution to this issue. According to Wikipedia, a viral Instagram reels video has more than 4-7 million views in four to eight days.

In truth, going viral on Instagram Reels just means that your content is hitting more people than it would otherwise. The amount of views called viral is totally dependent on your current analytics.

As a result, virality is proportional to your present reach. If a Reel has double or more views than normal, you’re on the right track to being viral on Instagram reels. However, duration is also crucial.

In most scenarios, if your Reel catches pace within an hour of being posted, you can bet it’ll go viral. However, if it continues to struggle for attention after that point, it is unlikely to fly off.

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What Drives Instagram Reels to Go Viral?

Because so many various forms of content go viral on Instagram Reels, we can’t pinpoint one factor.

Here are some practical techniques for becoming popular on Instagram Reels:

  • Enable business profile – Turn off private mode 
  • Use the appropriate hashtags.
  • Create engaging content for your core audience and beyond.
  • Profit from trends while putting your unique twist on them.
  • Post relevant content niches on a regular basis.
  • Use appropriate music and effects.
  • Use insights to determine what works.

Nobody is more Powerful than Script (or Content)

Finally, Instagram is a very visual platform: your video must be eye-catching and of excellent quality in order for people to stop scrolling. So, the easiest method to go viral on Instagram Reels is to create engaging clips that entice viewers to watch and like.

Here are some suggestions to help you design your viral reels:

  • Examine some of the trends in your niche and attempt one for yourselves.
  • Upload something fresh that is being discussed and is meaningful in popular culture today.
  • Make your reel about real events, hobbies, or difficulties to which others may attach with emotions.
  • Erase the watermark from the other platform! Reusing content is not a bad thing. However, Instagram has said that they would not promote Reels with the other platform’s branding. So, if you want your Reels to go viral, be creative and start editing.
  • Shoot your viral Reels video vertically to ensure that it looks good and captures all you want it to include.

Use Relevant Hashtags to Viral Reels on Instagram

Well, you do not need to be a social media specialist to do so if you utilize the reels hashtag research and generator tool Kicksta! Using hashtags for Reels, as with other sorts of content, is critical to becoming viral.

Hashtags enable Instagram to classify and offer your Reels to people who they believe may be interested, boosting your projected views and, as a result, your chances of becoming viral.

Here’s where Kicksta’s Instagram Hashtag Generator comes in handy! This tool can uncover the greatest possibilities for you whether you’re seeking trending hashtags, unique hashtags, or suitable hashtags for your sector.

Maintain Consistency in Content Generation

Instagram has stated that the success of your Reels is determined by how consistently and frequently you publish. We understand: that no one has time to create 3 to 6 Reels every week.

Instead, commit to uploading at least one Reel every week and ensure consistency if you post more.

Consider generating Reels in bulk to save time in the long term. Don’t quit once you’ve gone viral; now is the time to capitalize on your newfound popularity and publish again to ride the wave of success.


Make outstanding videos, follow the relevant trends, and have a strong hashtag technique: these are the three most important lessons for how to go viral on Instagram reels in 2023. The content itself may be on you, and this article will assist you in developing a hashtag strategy to increase the virality of your Reels on Instagram.


How many reels views is considered viral?

There is no accurate answer to this question. However, in general, a reel is considered to have gone viral if it receives at least 6 million views within 1 week or less. Ultimately it is a matter of luck, timing, and niche.

How many views on reels to get paid?

It depends on your location, target audience size, and overall performance of your reels. However, in general, you can expect to earn around $0.01-$0.03 per view. For ex: If your viral reels get 1000 views, you could maybe earn around $1-$3.

What is considered viral on Instagram reels?

A viral Instagram Reels video obtains a high count of views, likes, and shares in a brief duration, attracting substantial attention and engagement from users.