LinkedIn Tools for Sales

Top 10 LinkedIn Tools for Boosting Sales

It’s time to acknowledge that conventional selling strategies are no longer effective. They might be effective for less demanding goals. But automation is indispensable when making your sales soar on platforms like LinkedIn.

Today, LinkedIn offers a wide range of automation tools for companies. LinkedIn has emerged as an excellent platform for lead generation owing to its 772 million users and 30 million businesses, providing you access to the biggest professional market globally. Recent data shows that over 80% of B2B prospects originate from LinkedIn. 

In addition, 78% of marketers report substantial income growth due to utilizing automated marketing techniques on social media platforms.

We have collected a list of the top ten LinkedIn tools for sales to ensure you can increase sales and interaction and ensure your business receives the greatest return on investment (ROI) from its LinkedIn presence.

Let’s explore them to help you become a media marketing pro.

LinkedIn Marketing Tools – What can they do for your business?

One of the best resources for helping companies find new clients and increase revenue is LinkedIn. Automation can increase LinkedIn revenue by streamlining procedures, enhancing effectiveness, and enabling companies to concentrate on higher-priority tasks.

You need LinkedIn automation tools to:

Save time: As you won’t need to directly connect with your prospects and make connection requests one at a time, they save you time.

Bring personalization to your consumers: They personalize mass communication. In this manner, regardless of how many people you approach, your user encounters and outreach communications will seem much more natural.  

Track and measure: These tools quickly generate reports for your outreach efforts. As a result, you can determine how many of your prospects reacted, replied, and converted.

Make A/B testing easier: The ability to try various outreach inquiries and follow-up templates to determine which ones generate the most responses makes A/B testing simpler.

Your LinkedIn marketing efforts can adopt a multichannel strategy by integrating your LinkedIn automation tool with additional marketing tools.

What else? Businesses can monitor progress and evaluate data to gain insights into what works best for their company using these LinkedIn automation tools. It also helps them target the right audience with personalized content that speaks to them.

10 LinkedIn tools to automate your sales prospecting:

Now, you know the wonderful advantages of LinkedIn automation for boosting sales. You may have already used some of the tools as well. But there’s something amiss. Some need more obvious features, are risky, or are simply difficult to use.

You’re set to start generating prospects automatically. All you need to do is use the right sales LinkedIn tool to personalize your marketing strategies. If that’s your case, we’re here to help you!

Here are the best LinkedIn tools for sales to use in 2023 to boost your sales!

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

The sales navigator application is a good spot to start if you want to use LinkedIn for better sales. It is a service from LinkedIn to bring consumers and vendors together uniquely.

But what is it? It’s a Premium plan that gives you a set number of InMail credits, the option to access blocked profiles’ full information, and the ability to integrate with CRM software.



The most significant aspects of LinkedIn Sales Navigator are as follows:

  • Gather lead recommendations: This allows you to explore LinkedIn, find the appropriate individuals, and make marketing lists using search criteria.
  • Advanced searches: You can discover more pertinent prospects with the help of the advanced lead and company search.
  • Keep track of prospective customers: It notifies you whenever a prospective client views, messages, or updates their page. 
  • CRM Integration: This enables you to link your activity to your CRM and instantly save contacts and opportunities.

Although there is no guarantee that Sales Navigator will boost your sales and income, it is the best spot to begin. 

Price: The monthly starting price for LinkedIn Sales Navigator is $64.99.

  1. LinkedIn Plugins:

Are you interested in bringing LinkedIn features to your website? It is where LinkedIn Plugins can help.

Many individuals disregard these as a direct means of influencing sales and social selling, but they are passing up a significant opportunity. Here is a list of the plugins you can use:

  • Share your posts.
  • Follow your company.
  • See your company or member profile.


  • Multiple plugins available: Choose from the different plugins available and follow the objectives of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.
  • Customize functions: You can add as many or as few plugins as you like to your site, allowing you to customize your desired features. 

Although LinkedIn plugins aren’t the most effective way to boost sales, they can work in the background to give your audience more information and encourage potential customers to contact you.

Price:  LinkedIn plugins are all free.

  1. LinkedIn Small Business:

Marketers who use the LinkedIn network can get help from the platform known as LinkedIn Small Business. The tool is intended to assist individuals who are new to the network in establishing their presence. 


  • Easy onboarding to LinkedIn: You can avoid the learning curve of working on a new network by utilizing the features offered here. 
  • Measure campaigns: Additionally, it offers thorough analytics on the effectiveness of your campaigns, which can aid in determining what works and what doesn’t.
  • Get frequent updates on events and site functions: This platform offers current news, developments, and educational resources using the LinkedIn ad system.


Pricing: Like the LinkedIn plugin, this tool is also free.

  1. Expandi

Despite being a relatively new entrant to the market, Expandi has quickly established itself as one of the most effective LinkedIn automation tools available. The platform is cloud-based and offers a wide range of features that streamline the automation process. One notable feature is the ability to extract LinkedIn information from relevant Twitter and Facebook profiles, simplifying the search for relevant contacts.



Benefits of using Expandi include its integration with other marketing tools, ability to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard, implementation of smart limits that ensure you only send up to 100 connection requests or messages per day, an auto warm-up feature that gradually increases daily limits, use of personalized images and GIFs, and dedicated country IP address.


One potential drawback of Expandi, however, is its relatively high cost compared to other similar tools on the market.

Pricing: You can get the monthly base plan at $99/month. If you are uncertain about investing in the tool, you can avail yourself of the 7-day free trial offer to evaluate its efficacy.

  1. Crystal

Crystal is a unique ad tool that refers to itself as a “personality platform.” It utilizes personality information to help businesses build their teams and sell more successfully to customers. 

It tries to identify traits using data points, such as the propensity for taking risks or the need for quick action.


  • View personality profiles: With data online, the tool creates personality profiles for each prospect. You can look at these profiles and plan your sales targets.
  • Drive sales with personality data: You can use the data from the tool to make more marketing techniques.

Developing your communication skills is essential to improve your LinkedIn social selling. With this tool, you can easily make this crucial change and switch out your cold call for a lead-generation strategy that has greater potential.

Pricing: It has two plans; the basic plan comes free, while the premium plan costs $19.

  1. SalesLoft Prospector:

SalesLoft positions itself as a platform that will improve customer service and ultimately increase revenue. Assisting you in generating and closing more leads can increase your sales. 

When you need it most, this tool can complete the circle by tailoring your sales approach, emphasizing the development of sincere human connections, and providing data-driven insights into your sales strategy.


  • Keep track of your prospects: It allows you to upgrade your data and notifies you about any changes in the prospect’s position.
  • Everything in one place: It enables you to gather all sales information under one roof.
  • Get more insights – Salesloft combines data, making it powerful analytics to help you gain more visibility into your sales performance.

Pricing: You have to request a quote from them for the pricing details.

  1. Outro:

Outro is a tool that helps you instantly find prospects from two sources:

  • Your Network.
  • Outro Community.

As you know, you can spend hours searching for premium accounts on LinkedIn only to find that you haven’t found any qualified leads yet.

Outro saves time and makes the search process more efficient with its unique ‘Relationship Strength Algorithm.’ 


  • CRM integrations – You can get multiple marketing and sales tool integrations to elevate your sales performance.
  • Options to export contact data – You can have unlimited referrals and extend your contact networks.
  • Create reports – Outro makes generating team management and sales reports easier.

Pricing: You have to request pricing details.

  1. LeadFuze:

LeadFuze is a prospecting tool that helps you get the most out of your marketing efforts on LinkedIn. You can introduce your best prospects and provide accurate contact information. It’s just as useful for marketing as for finding new team members.


  • De-duplicate leads: This tool has built-in functionality to prevent read duplication. If detected, it can be automatically removed from the list.
  • Hyper-target leads: You can search for contacts based on specific criteria. You can search by job title, location, job type, number of employees, advertising budget, company status & more.

Pricing: There are two pricing plans. The starter pack starts at $132/ month & a premium scaling plan at $447/month.

  1. is a comprehensive sales management tool focusing on automation. You can almost automate your outreach process on various platforms, including LinkedIn.

It can automate reviewing emails from leads, tracking delays, and routing customers ready to convert.


  • Multiple integrations – This tool has many integrations with other tools, especially CRM tools. These include Marketo, Zapier, Pardot, Zoho, Hubspot, and more.
  • Create outreach programs from templates – Easily create LinkedIn campaigns with several pre-made social outreach strategy templates. Each has existing rules that facilitate automation. 

Pricing: This tool offers complete automation for $99 monthly with unlimited users and additional free tracking.

  1. Discoverly:

LinkedIn may be the best professional networking service, but that doesn’t imply you shouldn’t know what your contacts are doing on various social media platforms. That’s where Discoverly comes to play. 

Visiting someone else’s LinkedIn profile will only give you information for that one page. But not with this tool. Discoverly gives you more information, especially when it comes to social media. It helps you connect to more prospects, ultimately gathering information in one place.


  • Get access to loads of information – You can learn a lot about people: the platforms they use, their influence, what they said recently, and more.
  • Works on all platforms – Every feature works on LinkedIn, but these profiles can be accessed on different platforms. 

Pricing: The best part of this tool is that it is completely free.

Find out which suits you best:

LinkedIn can be quite strict with third-party tools, so you have to be extra careful not to raise any red flags. Ideally, your tool should be optimized for growth and safe to use. And it just happens that LinkedIn Fusion has both things at its core. 

It is excellent for sales, makes getting new leads easy, and the best part is that it’s cloud-based! It’s simple to use & you can use it anywhere at an attractive pricing plan, and maybe just what you need to boost your sales!

Key Takeaways

The article discusses the benefits of using LinkedIn automation tools to increase sales and interaction and provides a list of the top ten LinkedIn tools for sales to ensure businesses receive the greatest return on investment (ROI) from their LinkedIn presence. The tools include LinkedIn Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Plugins, LinkedIn Small Business, Expandi, and others.

The article emphasizes that automation can increase LinkedIn revenue by streamlining procedures, enhancing effectiveness, and enabling companies to concentrate on higher-priority tasks. Additionally, businesses can monitor progress and evaluate data to gain insights into what works best for their company using these LinkedIn automation tools, which also help them target the right audience with personalized content that speaks to them.

Apart from using LinkedIn automation tools, you should not overlook a good link building agency that helps you get high-quality backlinks for your business to 10x your sales and saves time. 

However, it is crucial to research and choose a result-oriented SaaS link building service provider with a track record of success and a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. With the right partner, link building can also be a powerful tool for growing your business and achieving your marketing goals. With the right partner, link building can also be a powerful tool for growing your business and achieving your marketing goals.


Twitter and Facebook may be the top social media platforms, but they don’t bring the B2B networking opportunities you can get with LinkedIn.

Using these automation tools in addition to your social media platform can help you take advantage of all that LinkedIn offers.

Whether organizing your contacts better or managing your sales funnel. There’s something among these top LinkedIn tools here that would help you become a marketing pro! 

The days of struggling to find the boolean strings on LinkedIn are over. Automate your LinkedIn sales activities and soar your sales with the right tool!